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Reclaiming Careers for Skilled Immigrants and Refugees,
Retaining Local Talent

Global Talent, a program of Jannus, Inc., was started in 2014 to address the individual and systemic barriers to employment that well-educated and highly skilled immigrants and refugees face. Our founders, Tara Wolfson and Lisa Cooper, were seeing too many engineers, physicians, accountants, scientists, teachers, and other professionals arriving in the U.S., getting their first survival job, but never finding their way back to the professional careers they were forced to leave behind for the safety and security of their families. In January of 2015 Global Talent officially began providing formal training and personalized 1:1 coaching to immigrants and refugees who met the eligibility qualifications and were highly motivated to rebuild their careers in Idaho. It opened the floodgates and within only a few weeks, we were working with 60+ job seekers desperate to understand the U.S. professional job search and obtain jobs that were meaningful and utilized their brain power, will to succeed and diverse experiences. Since then, we have had a steady flow of new applicants. Through partnerships with Upwardly Global, The Idaho Department of Labor, College of Western Idaho, local refugee resettlement agencies, committed volunteers, employer collaborations, and a dedicated Global Talent staff we helped change peoples’ lives and showcase their true potential! Global Talent has since expanded to include job coaching services to current university students who arrived in the U.S. as immigrants and refugees to help them connect with meaningful work in their field of study.

  • 100+ job seekers benefiting from the Global Talent curriculum
  • 80% of job seekers completing the program find jobs in their field within 1 year of program completion
  • 431% average earnings increase for those placed
  • Meet Malak, Mohammad, Neal, Luma, Rasha, Ali and other GT alumni and read their incredible stories of finding their way back to their professional careers!
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Our mission is to provide an intervention for under- and unemployed skilled refugee and immigrant professionals and university students through customized training and coaching, so they can effectively compete for high-quality professional positions and employers can reap the benefits of their diverse expertise.


We envision a community where skilled immigrants and refugees successfully integrate into professional roles that restore hope and dignity, energizing Idaho’s economy and communities.